Has Panasonic stopped Plasma Tv production?


I am planning to get a 42″ plasma TV, panasonic probably the X series. But every home appliance shop I go to say, plasma is outdated and everyone has stopped Production. Panasonic had over produced it and what is now in the market is the old stock. Once it is all sold, there wont be anymore production. So my fear is if I go with taking a Plasma, will I run into a problem at the time of service, since they stopped production, with no spare parts being available? Any thoughts. Thank you for your time



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As far as I know only Pioneer and Vizio are getting out of the plasma TV market. But Panasonic is going to keep producing them. The main reason that some companies are moving away from plasma is that they do cost more to manufacture than LCD TV’s. I’d say go ahead and buy one of the Panasonic X Series. I own a Hitachi plasma TV and my sister owns a Sony LCD TV, in my opinion the picture quality and performance of plasma is far superior to LCD. The colors on plasma are sharper than on LCD. As far as performance, when watching movies with fast moving scenes such as the Light Saber Duel between Obi Wan and Anakin on Revenge of the Sith, plasma technology doesn’t suffer from blurring as it does on LCD. The only drawback to plasma sets is that since the screen has a protective shield on it, plasma does best where not a lot of light will interfere with the picture.


Actually Panasonic is continuing plasma production and one of the only manufacturers to do so on their current line of large screen TVs. Manufacturers are supposed to keep parts for TVs up to 8-10 years so if your TV breaks down within that time you should still be able to get hold of spares for it.


No, panasonic hasn’t stopped Plasma production. But I think they are going to, Plasmas are excellent TVs but LCDs and LEDs have taken over the market since Plasmas get broken in 2-3 years and the burn-in problem.

I think you should get a LED since it solves all the LCD and Plasma problems, and you can get a 480hz LED now.

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